Print project, made to announce a new service by VISA for drivers and VISA card holders. This service provides protection against different troubles on the road. The brief: to develop creative idea for print channel, which is based on common fears of beginner motorists. Headline is based on a Russian proverb. It says literally: "Sticks in the wheels are not a spoiler for a festival".
Art-director: Daria Nasakina | Copywriter: Maria Medvedeva | Agency: Integer/ TBWA, Moscow, Russsia
Print project, made to announce a PayWave service by VISA. 
Important note! My task was to recreate whole artwork for Russian VISA department in high-resolution files. As an example I had only low-resolution previews, of an artwork, made by Paul Logan for VISA earlier. With the help of that project on my personal page I demonstrate my applied skills as a retoucher and a graphic designer.
Retoucher/ Graphic designer: Daria Nasakina | 3D-Designer: Dmitrii Sokolov
Agency: Integer/ TBWA, Moscow, Russsia
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