New Reality
Style and digital content for webinar and online course
This project unites a webinar and original online course, developed by @businessmeaning community to support businesses in hardest months, March and April, in 2020. The core idea was to propose solutions and give advices based on Self-Management phylosophy and practices, which could help deal with unexpectedly changing rules play and to save a business after lockdown.
At first @businessmeaning team launched the free webinar. Headline: "Who should stay in a team and how to define it?" To highlight the philosophy of Self-Management I choose architecturally looking futuristic background. Because Self-Management practice is very individual in each company. It becomes a system, a construction, built by newly performed connections between people.

Me and Nataly Synchilo (marketing manager and copywriter) choose Americal Football player to illustrate an image of a team member who is able to play and to win in 2020.
Time of Grown-Ups
On-line course. Headline: "Time of grown-ups! Transform the company quickly in new reality".
As a second step @businessmeaning team launched the online course, based on the philosophy and practices of Self-Management. Karate symbolizes self-control and force, as well as hands "make" necessary transformation.
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