Business Meaning Forum 2019
Concept: The Light Side Of The Force
Business Meaning is a Russian business community. It organises about 12 public events during a year, icluding annual international forum. The concept & motto of the forum in 2019 was "The Light Side of The Force". Businessmen from all over the world arrived in Moscow to share experience and the most effective and newest management practices.

White colour in design symbolizes the light and clear view of the business future.
Circular yellow waves symbolize sharing.

(Headline on the t-shirt: "We share the experience".)
In execution I used simple geometrical forms of brand colours to highlight most meaningful information and create dynamics in composition.
For public spaces and scene were used lighting, looked like a gradient mesh together with light projections of geometrical patterns and figures. The colour variety of projection symbolized all possible shades of light spectrum.
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