Victoria Bekhtereva
Instagram style and digital content
Victoria Bekhtereva is a business researcher, mastermind and leader. She is co-founder of community @businessmeaning and consultancy @rulesplay. I was lucky to develop visual style of her Instagram account and make design of some posts.
Energy of Facilitation
Victoria Bekhtereva is an experienced Agile Facilitator and Professional Scrum Master. Her original course "Facilitation for a Leader" includes practices and tools for effective team work. Among them, there are original scrum boards for business problems and solutions visualisation.

Scrum boards are usually filled out manually by participants of a meeting. They write big eye-catching headlines and points with a marker and stick up vibrant stickers or cards. That's why i designed series of Instagram post covers using my handwriting. Each one contains a headline for a post or a name for a check-list.

Headline: "The Office Where You Want To Be".
Specially for Victoria's Instagram page I developed a photo-shooting idea. Each shot shows Victoria standing and "writing on the opposite side of a smartphone screen". That kind of images was used for special business secrets and tricks shared with Victoria's audience.

Headlines. "Skilful Participation" "10 Zoom Tricks for Remote Work" "How To Adapt a New Employee?".
I used applied aproach with handwriting and drawing in execution and digital content creation for original courses and communicational methodics, owned by Victoria.

Headlines. "Mind types by Ken Wilber"
"To Be a Woman"
Copy: "Recharge the team for a battle! Super-skill for 2 weeks. Works in any business."
Headline: "Forsight Movement"
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