This is a tender project I won as an art director in Integer agency/ Moscow, in 2012. 
The brief was to develope creative concept and propose ideas for U launch activation. All proposals should be based on creative idea of U developed by Nespresso HQ.
The first mobile and adaptive coffee gadget ever. Configure it according to your place, space and taste. Everything as you like.
Ambient in malls (teaser)
It's a dialog with stanger, dialog with U. Mix of Siri and Omegle — intellectual online chat.
Tell about yourself and you will know a little bit more about U.
Be the first to find out who are you and get it!
Ambient in malls (teaser)
And now with U
Activity in malls
Are you so easy adaptive as U? Could comply well in different spaces and shapes? Show this and have fun!
Live installation in malls let you be a part of perfomance and make funny photos to share with friends. Besides promo-personnel there are electric boogie dancers. They are making a dance show, interacting with the installation, several times during a day.
Ambient in malls
Non-standart idea perfectly delivers the idea of unique modularity. In this case we imagine elevator as U-mashine and each level is different module of it.
Interactive ambient
Interactive i-wall which reacts when someone is passing along it and transforms the space around him. Digital idea to illustrate the idea of adapting&adopting.
Outdoor 3D-projections
3D-projections on Nespresso shop-windows to make U-launch more imprassive and noticeable. The space is changing, but U easy adapts to every place and shape around it.
Retail U-zones
All Nespresso points of sale become innovative, technologic and stylish U-zones, where you could by not only coffee machine, but also Grand Crü on Nespresso site via QR-code.
Simple as 1-2-3:
- Choose your favourite Grand Crü
- Catch its QR-code via smartphone
- Make the order right here and now
Application for smartphones
Special application for smartphones to make orders in Nespresso shop wherever you are.
Make it personal activation
U adapts to your life and you can make it even more personalized by unique design of its pack or engraving on the cup. Unique and useful present for someone special.
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