It is my graduation project. It's called Ligature. 
In a day time Ligature is a mid-price restaurant. But as soon as bussines day is over, it turns into a club for creative people. The club-restaurant is supposed to unite professionals from different creative fields under its roof. So, for the execution I seleceted a concept of "united contraries". — The ligature itself is a right example of it. As a typographical appelation, ligature is about harmony between two different letters on the same em-square. That's why it was choosen as a name for the project and as a creative technique in the logo. 
Step by step ligature was implemented in different identity elements: as a big, cropped typographical element and a part of the rich pattern. 
For print advertising I designed "visual ligatures". Each one is the result of contraries combination, and each combination tells something about location. Visual represents a business (notebook) united with art (piano-keys). Headline: "This world is weird. People look at the same thing but see totally different things. Agatha Christie"
Visual represents a music (loudspeaker) united with fine dining (cutlery). Headline: "What reveals the beauty and advantage of a thing as good as it's opposite? Henry Fielding"
Visual represents a music (turntable) united with fine dining (plate) and with painting (liquid colour). Headline: "The Earth is a huge theatre, where the same tragedy is played under different names. Voltaire"

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